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Estate Agency

Sales Fee:

We charge a one off fee after the sale of your property and do not have hidden costs.  Fees: Due to changing markets our fees change to accommodate the fluctuation of the market and economic climate.  Pleas call to discuss.


FREE valuations unless a written valuation is needed, please call to enquire.


We charge different amounts for different services, the most common is a flat fee for the initial move in and a further percentage ongoing per month.  The more properties we rent for you the less commission is due.


We cover all aspects of maintenance including Gas Certs, EPC’s, Electrical Certs for one off maintenance problems to ongoing help.


As part of the basic commission we inspect your property after the 1st months then subsequently every 6 months when entry is permitted.


We advice every tenancy has a guarantor, to qualify the guarantor must earn over £16,000 PA or own their own home.